JVSF Goodwill Ambassadors

Goodwill Ambassadors stand as the distinguished representatives of JV Smileys Foundation (JVSF), with their prominent status, often as celebrities, making them recognizable faces associated with our organization. These individuals play a crucial role in publicly championing and advocating for the values and objectives upheld by JVSF.

Our designated Goodwill Ambassador is acknowledged for their unwavering dedication to advancing the mission and goals of the JV Smileys Foundation. Collaborating closely with our team, they actively engage in activities to amplify awareness, mobilize resources, and champion the various initiatives that form the essence of our organization. Their exceptional ability to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and inspire collective action establishes them as an invaluable asset to our cause.

Current Goodwill Ambassadors

Ashima Narwal

Miss Sydney Australia Elegance & Miss India Global2015

Kumar Kanhaiya Singh

Actor. Producer

Alumni Goodwill Ambassadors

Divya Rai

Actor. Writer